Associate Master Kevin J Mills is the Head and Chief Instructor of the British Kenpo Karate Union (“BKKU”).   Mr Mills began his training in 1981, achieving his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1987 under Grand Master Bob Rose.   In 1989 Mr Mills was fortunate enough to meet the late SGM Edmund K Parker when he was giving a Seminar in Exeter under the IKKA.   SGM Parker’s charisma and great passion for the art left a lasting impression.

In 2000, Kevin begain training in SubLevel Four Kenpo “SL4” under Dr Ron Chapel of the Martial Science University “MSU” in Los Angeles.   Dr Chapel, the material he was teaching and his students left a lasting impression which resulted in Kevin travelling to and from the USA for the next ten years to take instruction on the SubLevel Four Kenpo curriculum as Dr Chapel’s student and some of his writings are based on the understanding that he gained from learning this advanced material within SL4 Kenpo as well as his own extensive research into psychology and biomechancis.

In 2001 Mr Mills founded the annual BKKU International Martial Arts Summer Camp with the aim of openly exposing our members and fellow martial artists in the UK to Senior Kenpo/Martial Arts and Combative Instructors from around the world.   This Camp has grown year after year and is now the most looked forward to event in the BKKU Calendar.

Throughout his time with the BKKU, Kevin has entered numerous semi/full contact competitions both Kenpo and non-Kenpo related with great success and has coached a great many competitors to victory!   Kevin has given Seminars in the USA, including the LTKKA Camp in Las Vegas as well as Seminars in Japan and throughout Europe and through his efforts has secured the name awareness, growth and success of the BKKU.

In 2010, Kevin launched a highly successful series of DVDs under Rapid Impact Combatives.   The six individual DVD titles are Grabs, Psychology of Confrontation, Punch Scenarios, Strangle Holds, Edged Weapons and Drills.    The DVDs are available through our on-line shop on the Home Page.

In 2011 Kevin was nominated and inducted into the Combat Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his outstanding commitment, excellence and development of the Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and around the world and was very proud to receive his award at a glittering “Who’s Who of Martial Arts” Ceremony in Birmingham, UK from the legenday Martial Arts Champion, Joe Lewis, arguably the best fighter that has ever stepped into the ring.   As well as being a phenomenal martial artist/combative instructor.  This was not the first time that Kevin had met Joe, but unfortunately it was to be his last as sadly Joe has since passed away.

In June 2013 Kevin published his first book, “The Secret Science of Martial Arts”.   The book is available as a hard copy or as a downloadable version, which also has substantial interactive video content embedded within the chapters.   The book has been written to appeal to all martial artists, regardless of style, it’s main aim is to encourage knowledge about why we move and do the things the way we do and is available from our on-line shop on the Home Page.

Also in 2013 Kevin launched Volitional Attention Training (V.A Training).   This has been a long awaited for program designed to teach up to date methods of physical and psychological technique and skills to the combative, law enforcement and miliary arena.

Volitional Attention Training is designed to develop realty based combative application, which will enable individuals to manage and cope with high-end emotional stressed deadly force encounters when your life is on the line. This is a fight for your life method designed to deal with A social violence, it is not self defence, it is self preservation. It uses the latest research on human abilities, both physical and psychological. Science has enabled humans to understand how the brain and mind work, how to create plasticity within the brain, V.A.Training uses this understanding and knowledge to insure the highest levels of performance are achieved. V.A.Training teaches an understanding of the human body with regard to its natural protection mechanisms, such as a polysynaptic reflex arch (startle reflex), pain stimulus control, homeo and allostasis control, tactical breathing, mental imagery as well as stimulus based responses to a social violence, it’s about teaching a mentality. In 2014 an instructors programme is due to be released, which will enable experienced individuals in the combative martial arts arena to enhance whatever current programme they are teaching.Kevin has been published numerous times in Martial Arts Illustrated and Combat with his very successful “Study of Biomechanics within the Martial Arts” series of articles and due to popular demand, is now currently writing his second, and much anticipated, book which will give you a powerful undertsanding of how to adapt mental and physical processes when dealing with high end emotionally stressed deadly force encounters. The book is expected to be released towards the latter part of 2013.

Kevin teaches regular group and private student lessons in American Kenpo for both adults and children under the BKKU and specialised group lessons in Volitional Attention Training.   Kevin is much sought after on the Seminar Circuit and is available to book for Seminars but please give plenty of notice as demand is high and the available slots fill quickly.  For all enquiries please telephone 01363 772400 or email info@bkku.com.

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