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Basic Instincts -Aggression and the Mob

Here I will explore the world of group aggression, I will touch on warfare, mob attacks and basic instincts.

I will also be introducing the Promo clip to my latest Multi Attack DVD and hope that you all enjoy the material. I will be launching the DVD within the next couple of months. So let’s get started.

  1. Is Group aggression natural?
  2. Is warfare natural?
  3. Is it part of our basic instinct to act as part of a group in aggression?

All of the above have answers that are may not be what we would first expect!

1.    Is Group aggression natural?


Group aggression is the violent behaviour of 2 or more individuals against another group or individual. its important here to note that it is not Warfare, that is the killing of our own species. Group aggression for this blog will centre around the dynamics of 2 or more individuals using aggressive behaviour against an individual, but first some background information. Group aggression is first, foremost and primarily a species’ instinct of survival of the fittest.  Groups in the past that used aggression survived and reproduced more often than those that did not.   By this I mean an instinct in-built to our natural behaviour, designed to protect and preserve any species not just mankind.  It is primeval not social, by this I mean it evolved as part of our survival of the fittest mechanism, not as a reaction to social problems. It is quite un-nerving how group aggression can swell from a few to a mass mob, with no seemingly logical reason for it.  Individuals that you may think are least likely to get involved in group aggression, get involved!  This was witnessed recently in the riots in the UK.    It is quite  evident therefore that group aggression is part of our make up and has been for thousands of years, but for what reason?

Generally it’s to enable the fittest to survive and reproduce, the more success a group has over another, the more attraction there is for those to join such a group.  In today’s environment things are a little different, but there still exists that need to be part of the strongest tribe, gang or group.

Being attacked, or coming under aggressive behaviour from a group within a fighting context is one of the highest skill sets that you could attempt. Let’s be very clear here, your first option when faced with numbers is to “exit” the area or building.  Do not engage, unless you have no other option. The second very clear point, is mental attitude, not skill!   I have touched on this in past blogs, if you believe for even an instant that you are out numbered and are going to get hurt, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen. You have to have the mindset of a warrior to deal with group aggression. This part of the skill set is the hardest to teach! how do you teach an attitude of the mind?    Well there are ways, for now it’s just as important for you to have considered the consequences of engaging with a group along with your likely odds of surviving and then accepting those odds when the encounter happens.  If all else fails and you have no option but to engage then you have two further options. Remember that “all else” means running!

So if running or talking your way out does not work, you will have to engage the group and let’s be clear you are going to have to bring a lot to the table to increase your odds of not getting too hurt, I say this because it’s important that you accept the fact that you are likely to get hurt if faced with group aggression. The first of your two options is to set an ambush, if at all possible, catch the group by surprise and take the fight to them. You can not afford to hesitate in any way, if you do then you are likely to fail. If you are capable then you need to increase the violence considerably to a level far higher than the group expects, the louder the noise the greater the chances of success!  The ambush should be designed to take out the first available target that enters your critical range. Your aim here is to bring to the table a higher level of aggression than the group are bringing, switching the psychological advantage in an instant and always being prepared to go as far as necessary to survive. You will certainly need skill that’s for sure, lets talk about that a little later.

Not being able to set an ambush will leave you facing greater odds, the way in which the group will bring aggression upon you is varied and forever inventive. They will feint, intimidate, bully, mob, overpower, trick and basically do anything to dominate you. Do not be lulled into thinking that the leader will be out front, they may be in the rear controlling their pawns, they could be out front, but never assume.  If at all possible equalise the situation, if none are available taking the fight to them and using the tools above are even more critical. Taking the fight to the group and attacking the attack will help the odds, taking out the biggest is not always the best policy, the most aggressive may be the smallest, once again, never assume!  The will to survive and your mental attitude are your best chances of getting through such an encounter, remember it’s not just the moment of the encounter, you will also have to deal with the after shock and the mental frailty that you may feel. The hardest thing here is to explain in words what you have to do, that’s where my new Multi Attack DVD comes in, you will clearly see the skill and learn some of the required mental forces that you will need to use.

The Mob goes all the way back to Darwin and his survival of the fittest. A great many species use mobbing as a means to protect the survival and reproductive fitness of the group. Remember walking your dog in a field of cattle and then being literally charged by the group, or birds mobbing other predatory  birds or small animals. There are recorded events of chimpanzees using raiding parties to overcome and intimidate other less aggressive groups, mobbing single individuals, singling out vulnerable individuals and even killing other groups all in the pursuit of evolution and adaptation, survival and reproduction of the fittest. Therefore it should not come as too much of a surprise that we humans use the same tactics within our own human behaviour.


2.  So what about Warfare is it natural or a result of our social interactions?

That’s one for later, I think that it is more relevent to this blog to stick to aggression and come back to Warfare in a later Blog.

Earlier I mentioned that skill will be a required requisite for being able to even the odds a little when it comes to the engagement of a group or Mob.  The skills needed will require honing, practising and constantly working on, if you are to stand even a slim chance.   So, other than the mental attitude and pre and post engagement considerations, what skill do you need?  Will you for example, be able to spend time dealing with one attacker and then moving on to another?     I think not.   If your technique requires multiple strikes to put down one guy then you are in for a rough time.   You will need, above all else, to make each strike count.   So every strike that you make will need to have all of the following, precision, power, speed and timing.  Remember you will not have the time to hit one guy 4 or 5 times in the same place, you need to hit and move, bringing to bear an overwhelming degree of aggression and skill, anything other than this and your odds of surviving such an attack will reduce significantly.    You will need to be hyper aware, in control of your own physiology and able to move, getting rooted to the spot for example is not going to help, and remember, at the moment, I am discussing an un-armed mob, however the inclusion of weapons will change the dynamics considerably.     Going to the ground is to be avoided at all costs, you will quickly become a victim if your game plan involves taking any of the group to the ground.

3. Is it part of our basic instinct to act as part of a group in aggression?

I believe that this has already been answered above, but just to clarify. Being attracted to a strong group or mob, will in all likelihood result in members of that s group surviving longer and reproducing more, a typical Darwinian answer, but nevertheless the logic is good and it stands to reason that this behaviour is part of our natural instincts to survive. The problem is that some use this as an excuse to cause mayhem and fear to other weaker individuals or groups in todays social World.

Well that’s the theory, now it’s time to have a look at my trailer for my next DVD “Multi Attacks!!!!!”

Let me know what you think and stay tuned it is due for release in downloadable form very soon.

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