What’s to come…

This Blog is dedicated to revealing the myths and secrets within the martial arts. I will discuss all aspects of the fighting, sport and warrior arts, with no punches being PULLED!!!

We will delve into the secrets of why some arts work and why some do not, looking at the reasons behind the art. YOU will understand the why! We will be practical, logical, realistic in our anyalisation of the MMA arena, verses the street or combative warrior arts and yes there is room to talk about the less aggressive arts, the healing arts and their overall balance of Martial Arts in general. It’s just one of those things that the Martial Arts attracts some very big characters, if they were not big when they start it does not take long for some to discover their egos. If you talk to anyone who trains in a particular art, it’s not long before you get the impression that what they do is the best! Their art whatever it is will make you the best fighter out there, you will be unstoppable. Within science there is one very important question, HOW DO WE KNOW? How do we know that a particular move is effective and will work when we need it to. How do we know that what you are being told is not based upon pure hopefulness rather than true experience. How do we know the instructor teaching is not a self obsessed psychopath? We may have seen the latest MMA stars in the ring grounding and pounding and then those who train in that area talking about how its everything that you need to know, it’s the ultimate in the fighting arts, is it? How do we know that? There are so many questions its difficult to know where to start.

The human body and mind is so complex we can never really understand it all, what we can hope for is a path that leads the way to a better understanding, a more open mind, capable of working for itself and not mindlessly following others. That’s what this BLOG will do, it will guide you through the B.S, along the way you will be given the answers that you are looking for, it will force you to ask questions. You will have the opportunity to explore material in a lot more depth, with links and subscriptions to advanced material. This will help give you the knowledge and skills to improve your training beyond what you thought you were capable of.

So What’s the Difference?

Lets just get a few things cleared up! The Martial Arts cover all sorts of categories, we have, Street, Combative, Warrior, Competition, Healing, Soft, Hard, Fighting, MMA, Security, Military, Police, Health, Olympics, Energy, Weapons, Traditional, Modern these in themselves can be further broken down again. The truth is that what ever you do, as long as you understand the reason why you are doing it then what’s the problem? right! There are ways in which we can start to narrow these categories down. For example;

  1. Sport/competition
  2. Street/Realistic
  3. Combative/War
  4. Health/Healing

Every single one of these categories’ has an overlap into each other, none of them are exclusive and none of them have all the answers. You have probably been drawn to one of these categories by the life style that you lead and your own personal identity. You may just be lucky that you find an instructor who has an open mind and is not insecure. I know that’s not a word that you might associate with a Martial Arts instructor is it!!! So lets ask a few questions here about who is teaching you?

  • Do they encourage you to seek out other arts and instructors?
  • Do they tell you that they have all the answers that you will ever need?
  • Do they say, you will find the answers that you are looking for, just keep training!
  • Do they always tell you that you are doing great and that your technique is excellent?
  • Do they ever fail anyone on a test?
  • Do they ever join in with your training and show what they can do, or just talk a good talk!

In truth every instructor, what ever the art has the capability of teaching effective technique, so long as they have the right mental attitude and can help install that in their students. It doesn’t matter if it’s Tai Chi, if the instructor teaches the correct mindset then your technique can be effective. What this gives us, is a clue to what is important behind the teaching of any fighting art, there is a saying “when technique and strength fails, what’s left is mental strength” without this your are lost! Technique and skill is not everything, but it sure as hell helps when the odds are against us.

What are the attributes that you need to train in the martial arts? Well that will depend upon which one that you train in. If its MMA then you are going to need to be physically fit, if it’s a combative art then you will need skill with a tough mental attitude, if it’s a soft art then your physical make up is not so important, get the idea?

So what’s to come? Let’s start with Natural Movement.

Enjoy your journey……

I am very interested in your thoughts on the above, I’d love to hear what you think.E Mail info@bkku.com


  1. #1 by Graham Hilliard on April 30, 2012 - 07:13

    All the very best wishes with this Kevin. I look forward to reading this in the future. Totally agree with your comments on ‘Mind Set’. You can teach techniques to someone on how to defend themselves all day, all night and twice on Sunday but unless they have the right mind set when its a real situation then the training will not save them. Students ask can we teach them not to be afraid if they get attacked on the street and I will tell them that is not possible or desirable as fear is an ally. Anyway enough of my ramblings for now. Good luck once again Kevin.

  2. #2 by Scott mills on April 30, 2012 - 11:07

    Great peice, enjoyed reading it and everything you say makes sense.

  3. #3 by John Thomas on May 23, 2012 - 11:00

    I also am really looking forward to reading this. I like to think I have little real ego in martial arts, seeking only to improve my karate for my own benefit as it is for my ‘core’ being, life and my art. I teach others so that they might attain the same degree of self-understanding and fulfillment if they are as lucky as me. I do not seek to be the best at anything, nor do I feel the need to prove myself or my art, only confidence to protect myself and others when the need arises. Recognising and using the fear response is a crucial aspect as well as not necessarily using un-natural movements that you maybe have to think about first. You impress the socks off me Kevin – keep it up please!

  4. #4 by Champion Karate West on May 25, 2012 - 17:47

    Thank you Kevin for being willing to share the myths and secrets of martial arts. For those would be interested in competing in a specific kind of martial arts, is it better to focus on one kind of martial arts, or would it be beneficial to train for several different kinds of martial arts.

    • #5 by Kevin Mills Martial Arts Expert on May 28, 2012 - 12:01

      That depends on the competition, is it point, full contact, kickboxing or MMA, or maybe something else. Each one needs a different focus, with MMA requiring a very specific skill set.

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